Last November, Chef Rod Butters and Audrey Surrao of RauDZ Creative Concepts appointed Brock Bowes to its award-winning team as executive chef for RauDZ Regional Table and micro bar & bites in Kelowna. Said Butters, “At the Okanagan Feast of Fields when he served his dish on a chicken foot and I presented tartare on a bone, I knew he was a perfect fit for our kitchen and management team as we move forward.” In a culinary twist of fate, as Bowes was joined with Chef de Cuisine Robyn Sigurdson it marked the third time for this duo to work side by side. The many regulars of micro and RauDZ have welcomed Bowes and he’s had the opportunity to guest in February at Vancouver’s Homer Street Cafe with Chef Tret Jordan to collaborate on a brunch for the Visa Infinite Dining Series. Bowes will steward the RauDZ philosophy of “supporting local, eating and drinking local” and in the internationally-styled micro, add his background in French technique and love of Asian influences. Keep your eye on this talented chef, there’s no telling where he’ll be seen next demonstrating the culinary marrow of the RauDZ group. As for Butters, he is excited that the appointment allows him time to build the RauDZ brand, develop projects, and pursue opportunities along with co-owner/operator Surrao. Overflowing with ideas and inspiration, Butters is in discussion with Uniglobe Direct Travel Kelowna and luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises about hosting European culinary tours and writing his long awaited cookbook.
~ Roslyne Buchanan