Fair warning—brace yourself when you drive up to Oliver Twist Estate Winery. The energy might just knock you over. Enthusiasm and energy are not in short supply.
“Denice and I have done a lot of experimenting and created some really unique small lot wines for our new Twist Club members,” says winemaker Gina Mitchell, who owns Oliver Twist with her husband Trevor. “That is one of the advantages of being a member, as these wines will not be for sale to the general public.”
As Food & Wine Trails Magazine was going to press, Oliver Twist’s crew was getting ready to bottle the 2013 reds after their time in oak barrels. The majority of the grapes are from Harfman Vineyard in Osoyoos, Gina’s father’s vineyard. “His vineyard is located at the furthest south point you can go in the Okanagan. The older vines produce so much character and flavour. The wines are all full bodied, with good structure and some real, deep flavours coming from the fruit as well as the oak. I can’t wait to get into these ones!”
Last year’s harvest was epic, Gina says. “Our 2014 whites are all coming along with super fruity flavours and aromas and some unique characteristics. As always, we tweak the recipes a little to make each wine shine!”
Events are a big deal for Gina and Trevor, so best set aside Saturday, June 13th, for the second annual Show, Shine…and Wine? event. The winery will host a car show, live music and—dare we say it—a pinup girl contest! Pssst…have you heard about the hot new labels?  It’s a secret, so neither have we. Take in the Show, Shine…and Wine? to see them!

~ Lorne Eckersley