With spring arriving, The Bonfire Restaurant at The Cove Lakeside Resort is launching exciting new programs in both the restaurant and the Resort itself.  This beautifully appointed lakefront resort features a great restaurant, under the tutelage of well-known Chef Grant de Montreuil, where year-round events are served up with just the right touch of Okanagan hospitality.
The latest offering from the Bonfire Restaurant is the Tuesday night pasta bar.  You can select your pasta, pick a savory sauce and choose from an assortment of accompaniments including meats, seafood and  vegetables, made fresh, while you watch. Prices vary dependent upon your individual selections.  Call 250.707.1810 to secure your reservation.
The “pride and joy” of de Montreuil and his team is the Bonfire culinary gardens at The Cove, which are used to provide the freshest food to the Bonfire Restaurant.  This year, the plan is to double the size of the gardens and operate their market building to sell produce from the garden.
“It’s one of the most popular things we’ve done,” says de Montreuil.
With the onset of spring, The Bonfire Restaurant’s waterfront patio will soon open its’ doors and with it comes a schedule full of unique warm-weather events. Check bonfirerestaurant.ca for details.

~ Deanna Rainey