Welcome Pilgrim & Pearl and 27 to Kelowna’s dynamic culinary scene thanks to The Revival Group collaborating with Prestige Hotel and Resorts to rebuild and design two unique spaces on-site. Locals and visitors alike delight in Pilgrim & Pearl’s fresh seafood focus including a central shuck and steam oyster station – the Okanagan’s first oyster bar. The oyster menu features a selection of 10 varieties from Canada and around the world. With such a range, oyster aficionados can try new taste sensations while folks seeking a particular characteristic such as smallest, lightest-flavoured or saltiest are sure to be pleased. The blackboard announces butcher cuts of the day to create you own surf & turf meal or satisfy the carnivore in your group. Named in a nod to the famed ‘Pilgrim Pearl’ that Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor as a Valentine’s gift, Pilgrim & Pearl offers a rare Okanagan dining experience. In the stunning light wood and granite accented space or on its patio overlooking City Park, savour your meal and sip classic martinis or great on-tap beer.
Down the hall, 27 celebrates the creative spirits of the bold musical artists of the ’27 club’ and offers a few twists itself. Decorated with pushpin leather banquets, gold crown moldings and a modern take on Moroccan-style seating, 27 provides a playful social experience. Its main bar hosts a large selection of rare spirits with an apothecary of tinctures, elixirs, reductions, bitters and potions created in-house. A collection of exotic small plates and modern dim-sum are served a-la-carte and just as you order a round of cocktails, you can get a round of bites to pair. The menu is a gorgeous tribute to ‘27 club’ members and shines some insight into their lives. Follow 27 and Pilgrim & Pearl on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
~ Roslyne Buchanan