As the Okanagan air heats, so does the scene at the Bonfire Restaurant at The Cove in West Kelowna. Their 65 + seat patio is ready to play host to locals and visitors, and they’ve even got spots for dock ‘n’ diners, according to Danny Weissenberger, restaurant manager.  Don’t let a little chill dissuade you – they’ll keep you warm and cozy with their outdoor heaters.
The patio at the Bonfire Restaurant has built up a reputation for serving up fun, live entertainment, themed parties and great food. This year is no different. Weissenberger says they are lining up live music–and not just on weekends–as well as all kinds of great themed events.
As the community comes alive under the spring’s warm sun, so do the 2,500 plants at the Bonfire Culinary Garden. Expect even more delicious food from their on-site garden. Carrots, 45 varieties of tomatoes, beets, onions, garlic, potatoes, corn, eggplant, sweet and hot peppers, basil, cukes, assorted herbs, summer and winter squash and even edible flowers are used in the Bonfire Restaurant’s fine meals. And you can purchase food from their gardens! The food and fun at the Bonfire Restaurant make it a perfect location for you next meal.
~ Deanna Rainey

photo: Chef Grant de Montreuil in his huge culinary garden.