Do rich dessert wines tempt your palate? Is sipping port-style your idea of a perfect after-dinner reward?
Summerland’s Sonoran Estate Winery is the place to visit. Known for their well-priced reds, whites, and rosé, the Smits family introduced their first fortified sweet wine last summer: Happy Dragon. Recently, they bottled another: Golden Dragon. In March, Sonoran focused on blending trials, the tasty but serious work required to produce additional well-balanced, port-style wines set to be released this summer.
“Happy Dragon was very popular last season. We wanted to make something different than icewine. Few wineries make a port-style, and the consumer demand was there,” explains proprietor Ada Smits.
Ada reminds visitors that Sonoran is no longer at their Gartrell Road location, but a few kilometres north of Summerland off Hwy 97 (21606 Bridgeman Road). Open 10-6 daily.
Additionally, Ada’s excited for son Pieter Smits who is hoping to open his new winery early this summer.

Happy Dragon Fortified Sweet Red Wine $19.90 (375 ml)
Exhibits flavours of cherry/strawberry/raspberry fruit leather with hints of plum, raisin and cranberry.

Golden Dragon Fortified Sweet White Wine $19.90 (375 ml)
Notes of dried pineapple, fig, date, apricot, and apple with Marzipan and jammy plum.

~ Sarah Willard