Despite the phenomenally successful launch in 2014 of the SKAHA Vineyards wines with native horse themed labels, customers visiting Kraze Legz Winery will be pleased to know that the Speakeasy theme in the wine shop is staying. “We know people visiting the tasting room love the Roaring Twenties labels and décor, so its hard to mess with it too much, but one should expect a horse or two in the Speakeasy this year,” says co-owner Gerry Thygesen, who runs the operation with his wife/moll (old gangster term), Sue.
Things might seem a little more relaxed at the winery than they were a year ago, though. There will be no new label this year, after the SKAHA Vineyards label knocked it out of the park for Kraze Legz in 2014. So, what is new? A refreshed wine shop and tasting room, more good – make that very good – wines and it seems one thing new is one thing that is actually just getting older, the vineyard site in Kaleden is turning out to be outstanding, moreso as vines mature.  “With each new vintage we’re seeing even more intensity in the fruit from the maturing vines, a reflection of the unique ‘terroir’ here and this is what we believe differentiates our wines.”

2012 SKAHA Vineyards Cabernet Franc
This wine is already in short supply and won’t last long. “Delish Cab Franc,” writes food and wine writer Juliana Hayes (@VineLiving), “black cherry, cocoa, pepper, savoury spice and a hint of pepper.”

~ Lorne Eckersley