Fairview Cellars is expanding, but not in the normal way. Owner Bill Eggert is wants to make sure his wines show their best in the wine shop and has been taking steps to age the wine prior to releasing them. Of course, fans of Fairview’s wines already know that they have an amazing potential for aging. Bill has been demonstrating this in his wine shop over the past couple of years by featuring tastings of special back vintages. Not every winery can do this, but Fairview can.
Extra aging means extra storage space and that is what Bill has been hard at work doing over the winter. Backfilling has begun on the new underground wine cellar which is perfect for storing wines until they are ready for release. The Bear 2012 will be the first vintage partially held back about six months. Subsequent vintages of reds will be held back a little longer each year until all of the reds are more matured at release.
New this year is a beautiful Chardonnay, another white to the portfolio along with the Sauvignon Blanc. Dressed up in a Burgundy bottle like the Crooked Post Pinot Noir, it is a full-bodied, elegant white.

In photo: Bill is building his own wine cave!
~ Luke Whittall