This is a wine to age,” Judy Kingston tells a visitor as they sit on a sun-washed patio at Serendipity Winery. The reference is to the 2011 Merlot they, along with Judy’s daughter and winemaker-in-training Katie O’Kell, are savouring. “I call it my Ode to Merlot.” Judy wanted to produce a Merlot that goes beyond the lighter table wine styles that have become common. “I wanted to produce a bigger, full-bodied wine that would pair well with food, which is our top priority at Serendipity.”

Two events in August will return by popular demand. On August 1st the legendary ‘Naughty or Nice’ free event will offer two food pairings to go with their rosé, Devil’s Advocate and White Lie. And an outdoor movie night on August 15th will feature Good Will Hunting. $25 price includes wine, pizza and popcorn. It is free for Tier 2 and 3 Wine Club members. Check the web site for more information.

2011 Merlot

Cropping to very low levels and taking longer in every way to produce, including 4-5 years aging in the cellar pays big dividends. The smooth, velvety mouthfeel is complemented by aromas of vanilla and cassis, with flavours of cinnamon, mocha and cherry. Red meats pair beautifully.

2013 Viognier

“Hand planted, hand everything” from the Serendipity is a tropical delight, boasting notes of orange blossom and tangerine, with hints of blood orange and apricot. Not surprisingly, it won Gold at the 2014 All Canadian Wine Championships. A touch of coconut teases. Judy, a French-trained chef, likes to serve it with goat cheese fritters drizzled with a dressing made with a grapefruit juice reduction, oil and vinegar.

~ Lorne Eckersley