A traveler in London might be surprised to find a healthy stock of Canadian wine in the historic district of Covent Garden. While thoroughly enjoyed at home, it is still something of a rare occurrence for our wines to cross our borders, and even rarer still that they ever ‘cross the pond’ to fill European wine racks. Fortunately, this has never deterred Jak Meyer and Janice Stevens of Meyer Family Vineyards from crafting wines that are increasingly finding a place in the fiercely competitive world of internationally acclaimed wine.
As their property in Okanagan Falls is particularly accommodating to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the Meyer Family has built their reputation upon these prestigious varietals. Winemaker Chris Carson (an international himself, having trained with wineries in France and New Zealand) has worked with the family to produce four different labels of Pinot Noir and five different labels of Chardonnay. Their boutique size (they harvest only 35 acres) keeps their production at a modest 6000 cases a year, which allows them to be meticulous during the harvest and production. This incredible attention to detail has allowed Meyer Family Vineyards to establish themselves not only in America, but also in the selective markets of Asia (in Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and mainland China) and Europe (in Switzerland and England) where they are currently the only Canadian wine available at every Mark and Spencer in the country. It’s a prominent list that’s likely to grow, with distributers in Germany, Australia, and South America showing interest in this little winery with a big reputation.
For those who want to take their pick of these esteemed wines before they pass customs, joining the newly established Meyer Family Wine Club is essential. Each member is guaranteed 12 bottles a year and because the production of some of these wines is so limited, membership is the only way to get a hold of specific labels and new varietals such as the Riesling.
2014 MFV Riesling
This off-dry white maintains a balance of earthy and fruitful notes encased in an aroma of citrus. It tugs at the heartstrings of its new English market by pairing phenomenally with seafood or, should you find yourself in Asia, grab a bottle and enjoy with the local fare.
~ Blake Allen

Pictured in photo:  Jak, Janice & Jak’s parents, Vivi-ann & Art Meyer