More awards for Moraine Estate Winery! Their beautiful 2012 Moraine Pinot Noir has received the award for the Best Pinot Noir in the Best of Varietals Competition in British Columbia. With just under 500 entries to the competition, this was no minor feat. Not just glory for the reds either–the 2013 Riesling was awarded a Gold Medal at the recent 2015 Okanagan Life Magazine Awards. Winemaker Jacq Kemp continues to make magic with the fruit grown on the fantastic terroir of their Naramata Bench vineyards. The soil conditions work in concert with the sunshine hours and reflection off the lake. The rest of the kudos goes to Jacq and her winemaking skill.
This is a family business. Proprietors Oleg and Svetlana Aristarkhov produce a beautiful range of varietals as well as the very popular and affordable Cliffhanger White and Cliffhanger Red blends, and an icewine too.
Just to get your taste buds going, here are descriptions of the two recent award winners. Both will make perfect summer barbecue pairings. Do make time to visit this beautiful winery. The summer views from the tasting room are stunning and the wine shop staff is super friendly-a visit will make you fall in love with Moraine wine even more.

2014 Riesling
Find hints of lemon, lime, and tangy ginger— the aromas will linger long after the glass is complete. The natural acidity of this wine is balanced well by the natural residual sugars.

2012 Pinot Noir
This wine exhibits aromas of violets,  licorice, cranberries, lingonberries and exotic tamarillo.  Its supple palate is nicely balanced with natural acidity and lingering juicy tannins.
~ Jennifer Schell