When discussion turns to the grape that produces the best wine in British Columbia, Pinot Blanc is usually amongst one of the first to be mentioned. Based on the success that Kraze Legz Winery owners Sue and Gerry Thygesen have had with the varietal, it would be hard to argue differently. Inevitably, each vintage is beautifully balanced, crisp and clean, with well-delineated fruit flavours and the brilliant acidity makes for a perfect match with many dishes, notably oysters, or deliciously all on its own.
Whether it is released under the SKAHA Vineyard label or as The Bee’s Knees, this is undeniably a 100% Pinot Blanc to be reckoned with. Each vintage has been a success since it was first produced in 2009. At major Canadian and International competitions their Pinot Blancs have harvested Platinum, three Gold and six Silver Medals. The trend continues into 2015 with a Best in Category at the Canadian Oyster Wine Competition (winner two of the last three years)
“What we’re seeing is all our wines are getting even better with each vintage—the roots of our aging vines travel deeper into the fossilized sandstone and shale, specific to this site, and with each vintage those attributes are becoming more and more pronounced,” said Gerry.
Each one of the Kraze Legz and SKAHA Vineyard wines has its own impressive portfolio of medals, and each one brilliantly expressing the best of this unique site.
Open 10 am to 6 pm May 1st to October 15th.
~ Lorne Eckersley