Kelowna is growing from an agricultural town to a burgeoning multi-cultural city and at the meeting point of the old and the new stands the Sandhill Winery, representing both the agrarian history and the progressive wine industry blooming throughout BC.

The agricultural lifestyle on the Sandhill vineyards contrasts beautifully with the urbane winery. Designed to reflect the glacial formation of the Okanagan, the architecture is an impressive reflection of, and homage to, the terroir: the source of all fine wines.

Six vineyards throughout the Okanagan valley, each with a unique terroir, supply the grapes for the winery where the qualities of each vineyard are respected and released into sublime wines. The ancient craft of winemaking is thriving under the hands of award-winning winemaker Howard Soon with the Small Lots program. This deliciously innovative program offers limited quantities of wine from carefully selected varietals, providing wine tasters the pleasure of discovering the distinct characteristics of handcrafted wines from exclusive lots.

All the lots are kept separate to ensure only the best fruit is used and only the top lots are selected.

The wines are brought to maturity with minimalist intervention to allow the subtle notes of terroir and grape to carry through to bottling.

Sandhill is fast becoming a favored location where people gather at all times of the day to enjoy the elegant surroundings and relaxed atmosphere, and as one of the larger venues in Kelowna, it’s a great location for private parties, gala dinners and corporate functions.

Many wineries shut up shop when the harvest is over and the tourists have left town, but not Sandhill. Recognizing the importance of a thriving local community, the winery

hosts fun events throughout the year including live music, dancing and dining, supporting local artisans, musicians and epicures and wine connoisseurs.

Did we mention Happy Hour?

Explore new wines every Friday from 5 pm to 7 pm. At $5 a glass that’s an open invitation to a fun evening. Each week a guest chef and pop-up café is on site, and since it is conveniently located just on the edge of Kelowna’s North End, why not pop in for a glass of wine…or three…

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~ Henrietta Poirier