The new Packinghouse Patio at The View Winery provides a genuine Valley experience. Adjacent to the original apple packinghouse-now-winery, you can sit in the shade and savour a glass while overlooking mature apple trees, country roads, rustic fruit bins, and farmers rolling by on well-loved tractors. One neighbor is known to sidle up on horseback and fill her panniers with the award-winning wines.

While you bask in the timeless charm of Ward Road, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in some of the ever-delicious wines from the newly rebranded Voulez View line of Pinotage-based creations. Replacing the Distraction line, the new label retains the fun and sexy vibe The View is famous for, but with an elegance and maturity appropriate to this sophisticated winery.

Enjoy the tail end of summer with the invigorating Blanc (Gewürztraminer-based, with Riesling and a little Optima for good measure) – crisp on the nose, with green apple tartness and a hint of white peach.

All sold out for this year, but reappearing in March is the gregarious Rosé (a liquid lollipop on the nose, but refreshingly dry with a creamy finish), something to dream about through the winter!


When the weather turns brisk, the picturesque Patio is an ideal backdrop for warming up with the Rouge, a robust Pinotage blend (just a splash of Merlot). This dark berry red has a smokey nose with velvety tannins and spice notes, and a surprising bright acidity on the palate.

This season, revel in the flavours and beauty of a true Okanagan wine country setting. Head up the hill to The View, voulez vous?

~ Abbey Westbury