People are surprised to find out that Vancouver Food Tour’s Modern Chinatown Tour does not actually include any traditional Chinese Restaurants. Vancouver’s Chinatown saw a mass exodus of Chinese restaurants and Chinese businesses when many moved to Richmond to the newer Golden Village throughout the past few decades, leaving many storefronts empty. Fortunately in 2010, Chinatown was designated a national historic site, and since then the area has gone through a revitalization process and attracted new businesses with many being restaurants.

Walk through Millennium Gate on Pender Street and you’ll find renovation crews and no shortage of construction in the area. One of the newest spots is hidden behind a storefront at 158 East Pender, Sai Woo. Named after Sai Woo Chop Suey that first opened its doors in 1925, the menu here has no chop suey, although the chef does find inspiration in Chinatown’s groceries.

We often go for Germanic fare at Bestie Currywurst where we sample their signature Currywurst dish, sausages, fries, and a side of curry ketchup alongside some of BC’s best craft beers. You’ll also find us eager to get to Mamie Taylors, where deviled eggs, delicate biscuits and fried chicken are on the Southern-inspired menu and the cocktails are stellar.

There are almost endless new openings in the area; you never know where this food tour will turn up next.

(photo by Ema Peter)

~ Cassandra Anderton