“Adjusting to the whims of Mother Nature, we anticipate an early harvest this season,” says Graydon Ratzlaff, who with wife Maureen owns Recline Ridge Vineyards & Winery in the Shuswap. Otherwise it’s business as usual this fall, making cool climate wines that continually win awards (six to date this year!), participating in Okanagan Fall Wine Festival events and continuing to welcome visitors to the winery.

“We continue to have guests arriving from points around the globe,” says Graydon. “European visitors travelling in Canada, folks from other Canadian provinces, and many from the U.S. are stopping by for exposure to our cool-climate wines.”

Bacchus continued to be Recline Ridge’s most popular wine both last year and this year. “Its smooth, aromatic quality is very appealing to most guests, and we are pleased to present it in our portfolio of aromatic, fruit-forward white wines.”

Graydon invites everyone to participate in the unique Recline Ridge experience, which is focused on making customers as comfortable as possible while tasting their wines. “Join us at the wine shop and experience these cool-climate, aromatic and fruit-forward whites which are wonderful with food and as great patio wines. We are approachable, friendly, and look forward to ensuring our guests have an enjoyable experience.”

The licensed picnic area is available for a glass of wine with your own picnic lunch or the winery’s offerings of local cured meats, cheese, and crackers and to enjoy the ambience and the views of the beautiful Tappen Valley.

~ Dona Sturmanis