Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery just south of Oliver on the Golden Mile Bench is a bit of a hidden gem.  When the winery site was originally purchased, it had been noted that the site, tucked up against the west side of the valley, received the evening shade as of about 5:30 pm on summer evenings. This was considered by those who drew up the original viticultural maps to be a negative factor. It was later determined that white vines and red vines manage sunlight and high temperatures differently, making the shade a benefit. Several decades of farming this vineyard have proven that it’s an ideal location after all.

2014 Optimum Pinot Gris 

This Pinot Gris has made a return to the portfolio with the 2014 vintage. A faint rose gold colour in the glass, this wine has a nose filled with white peach, bright citrus zest and mineral notes. The palate follows the nose, with a silky mouthfeel and a ripe finish. This is balanced by a lovely bright acidity.

2014 Optimum Pinot Noir

A smoky violet colour in the glass with classic notes of ripe cherry and vanilla on the nose. The palate is smooth with loads of black cherry, vanilla bean and a hint of mushrooms. The finish is long and soft.

2014 Dry Rock Cabernet Merlot

These Merlot grapes come from a very rocky, higher elevation vineyard block just north of the tasting room  It’s a rich plum colour in the glass with a nose that heralds the Merlot in the blend. There are chocolate and cherries all over the palate, along with some very bold, spicy notes with a distinctive chalky finish.

~ Courtney Fossett