The old adage that you can’t judge a book by its cover does not apply at Oliver Twist Estate Winery, where they put barrels of thought and effort into their wine labels.

Brightly coloured and sassy, the label fronts look like throwbacks to those 1960s pop art music posters, all swirls and curls. On the back of each bottle the fun continues with descriptions that are part William Burroughs and part Austin Powers. Yeah, baby!!! Behind the fun of the words, though, are descriptions that will help you making your choices easier.

2014 Unoaked Chardonnay

“Au Naturel! This Un-oaked Chardonnay will be caught streaking through our palettes and baring only the flawless elements of her true beauty. Why cover up with oak attire when she can bare all things pure. This innocent temptress boasts flavours of sweet grapefruit, creamy pineapple and spice, although, she may come across as a little nutty.”

2014 Pinot Gris:

“Peaches and Apples and Pears, Oh My! This crisp Pinot Gris is a sassy spokes model for all things Okanagan. A siren of the orchards, she has gathered the best there is to offer: strawberries and cream, honey, Asian pears and lingering caramelized apple. Oh, my! The aromas!”

The labels include well thought out food pairings suggestions, too.

Stop in for a fun-filled visit, and don’t miss the 35th Annual Fall Okanagan Wine Festival, when from October 1-11 Oliver Twist Estate Winery will be featuring food and wine pairings for red wines, along with door prizes and fall specials.

(pictured: Judy Taylor and Cheryle King, wine shop girls and self appointed “Twisted Sisters of Oliver Twist”!)

~ Lorne Eckersley