Sage Hills Winery offers a fine selection of wines, and hosts one of the most spectacular views of any winery in the Okanagan.

As visitors drive into Sage Hills they are greeted by a wonderful view of the valley, they may also be greeted by enthusiastic testimonials from passing wine tasters, “best wine I’ve tasted so far…” or “this one has the most amazing view…”

Rick Thrussell and Toby Lodge opened the doors to their new tasting room just two weeks ago and already find it difficult to keep the shelves stocked.

Wine is flying off the shelves, and there is no greater compliment to a winemaker than empty shelves. Rick and Toby can take pride in knowing the Sage Hills label is becoming renowned for limited release, hand-harvested, single vineyard premium wines. In recognition of the amazing location and wonderful wine, Okanagan Wine Tours have placed Sage Hills on their platinum tour.

Rick and staff find visitors enjoy both the wine and the story of Sage Hills.

As a dedicated steward of the land, Rick shares tales of life in the vineyard and his passion for wine over a glass of crisp Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer or perhaps Syrah.

The comfortable atmosphere, stunning views and surrounding sage brush offer a true Okanagan experience, in fact visitors are so inclined to stay for while that Rick and Toby are planning to build a bistro where visitors can enjoy the landscape at their leisure.

~ Henrietta Poirier