The winning combination of wine and cheese has kept Gavin and Shana Miller extremely busy this summer on the Upper Bench. Visitors relax in the comfortable atmosphere of the patio where a scrumptious selection of award-winning wines, made from seven exceptional varietals, are paired with a choice of handcrafted cheeses.

Gavin’s philosophy is simple; time and care spent in the vineyard grows beautiful grapes, this purist attitude lets the unadulterated beauty of the varietals shine through the wine. Shana matches Gavin’s quality wines with deliciously creative cheese.

It’s a perfect partnership.

To share their passion they established the Corks and Curds club, Canada’s only wine and cheese club.

When the wine tour is over, foodies and wine enthusiasts need not despair; admission to the Corks and Curds club is at your fingertips. A simple click offers access to a selection of wine and cheese pairings, plus the excitement of a package of goodies arriving on your doorstep.

Joining the club provides easy entertaining. Invite friends for an evening of wine and cheese, no stress, just pleasure. Corks and Curds is the perfect solution for the holiday season, adding a creative touch to an evening of entertaining. And what better way to remember your Okanagan holiday than receiving care packages of sublime wines and sensational cheeses.

~ Henrietta Poirier