Perched exquisitely on a vineyard-scape on the Naramata Bench, Bench 1775 has been called ‘The Best Patio in the World’ by wine writer Anthony Gismondi. And well, he isn’t exaggerating. GM and winemaker Val Tait explains that the view is extraordinary and provides an ‘old school view’ of Naramata’s now famous wine region. “It provides a look back in time,” she says, because of the unique angle, the sightline blocks out much of the areas urban growth and buildings and instead, features endless lake and mountain vistas.

Val Tait (pictured with Lulu the wonder dog), sparkles with an energy of one that is truly in their element. Her studies included plant biochemistry and molecular genetics before she went on to viticulture and oeneology at UC Davis providing her with a complete insight into her wines from vine to glass. The manifestation of the stunning property and winery at Bench 1775 offer her an opportunity to share both her passion for winemaking and for celebrating the lifestyle in wine country. ‘Fun’ is a word she uses frequently when describing the spirit of the events planned at Bench 1775. The winery offers a wide range of guest events, many with live music on that super stage of a patio. The venue is available to book for private events.

As for the new vintage white wines- they are an extension of Val and the Bench 1775 brand. Lively, full of bright flavours and Okanagan fruits, and so very easy to drink- they are a celebration of summer in a glass. And, as Val says, she loves to be able to enjoy one glass after another, so her technique of combining white grapes picked earlier (for their bright, green flavours) with the same fruit picked at a later date (for their ripe, sweeter flavours), blend together to provide the perfect balance of zestiness with a round finish.

Can’t wait for the spring releases!

~ Jennifer Schell