X-Files fans have long been convinced, like Mulder and Scully, that “The truth is out there.” But a visit to the lavender farm owned by Doug Mathias and Karolina Born-Tschüemperlin might just convince that that the truth can be found in the Forest Green Man, the Celtic spirit of nature.

The Green Man, usually represented as a stylized face made of leaves and branches, is the Celtic spirit of nature symbolizing growth, fertility and renewal. He is an appropriate symbol for this beautiful property, which features an orchard, outbuildings, gorgeous guesthouse, a spectacular lavender garden and two of Naramata’s loveliest and most creative people. Musicians and artists, Karolina and Doug translate their passion for the land into a unique and wonderful variety of natural products. Herb mixes, flavoured salts, peppers and sugars, teas, soaps, essential oils, lotions and lip balms, sachets—the selection is as stunning as it is aromatic.

In the farm’s shop, the lavender products abound, spread among other items that Karolina sources, like linens from Provence and pashminas from Kashmir. Her own art pieces, along with those of other artists, provide a burst of colour at every turn.

Visit Forest Green Man Lavender Farm and it’s easy to see why it has become a popular site for small weddings. The truth really is out here—and it smells as good as it looks!

~ Lorne Eckersley


(pictured: Doug & Karolina)