“Ask any seasoned winemaker to define what makes a good wine and they’ll say, the land, the grape, and the dedication of the wine maker. And so it is at Lunessence, where quality wine begins with love: love of the land, the elements, the vines, and ultimately, the wine.”


Michal Mosny and his wife Martina are the stewards, vintners and winemakers at Lunessence, an elegant boutique winery and vineyard nestled between two wetlands and resting under the gaze of Giants Head. Visitors to the winery can relax on the patio, listen to classical music, and enjoy views of the lake and the wildlife of the wetlands.

Michal and Martina passionately believe in working harmoniously with the natural balance of the vineyard. As Michal states, “we are establishing biodynamic principles, to understand the land, the vines and what is needed for the optimal health of the land and taste of the wine.”

Biodynamics is not for the fainthearted farmer. It goes beyond organic and demands vast amounts of time and dedication. Biodynamic vintners spend more time in the vineyard, paying close attention to the vines, nourishing the soil, and working with the lunar cycle. This is not new, in the Farmers Almanacs of bygone days, planting and harvesting were planned by the lunar calendar.

Biodynamics is often disregarded by big agriculture where profit dictates how much time and effort is put into the product. The wine industry however, takes biodynamic wines seriously, and the recognition is based purely on the quality of wine produced from biodynamic wineries.

Michal brings a European sensibility to winemaking, with an understanding that a light hand and an intuitive approach lets the qualities of the grape shine through the wine.

For Michal, winemaking is all about taking elements from nature and transforming them into a new product, so when the wine is opened the essence of the vineyards are expressed through the taste.

The terroir, the grape, the seasons and surrounding energies are the symphony of ingredients, and he is the conductor who manages each element with grace. The final product is an alchemical fusion where all parts unite in harmony.

Michal’s father and grandfather introduced him to the background of winemaking and the wine regions of France. Michal brought the knowledge of his forefathers to Slovakia where he first started making wine, and now, after searching for a new terroir, he and Martina bring their experience of making fine wine to the unique microclimate of B.C. wine country.

He understands that every region, every vineyard is different and as such, has different needs. It’s not a set formula for all vineyards, varietals, or harvest; experience, understanding, intuition and artistry are employed every step of the way to bring the best qualities to the final product.

With a background in classical music, Michal knows that music moves the hearts and minds of people, and with an understanding that sound vibrations also affect plants, his vines happily grow to classical music piped throughout the vineyards.

And in the winery, the wines are not just bottled they are serenaded by Mozart, Mascagni, and many others, the energy of the music tuning the subtle notes of the wine.

A visit to Lunessence is more than a wine tasting, it is an experience, an exploration that takes the mind along new paths of how life can be, if only we relax and listen to nature’s harmony.

And of course, visitors also experience a wonderful selection of symphonically sublime wines.

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~ Henrietta Poirier