Built into the hillside, just on the outskirts of Summerland, you will follow a road that will lead you to a gasp inducing view and Sage Hills Winery. Named for the desert-like sagebrush bushes surrounding the estate, the colour palate for the winery matches the sublime calming colours that nature has brush stroked here. There is a peaceful, Zen-like feel here, like being on the edge of the earth, that will lead you into the gorgeous tasting room that beckons you to stay, to actually sit and stay. Besides the panoramic lakeview provided by the expanse of windows surrounding the room, you will note something truly unique—stools. This is a gesture made by owner Rick Thrussell, and it was his vision in creating this space, an offer to come, relax and enjoy the experience and wines they have created for you.

Rick built his home below and the winery. Toby Lodge added the stunning décor touches, like the chandelier hanging above the lush, cushioned corner window seat.”

And enjoying the experience includes of course, tasting their repertoire of rich, sophisticated wines crafted by award-winning winemaker Tom Di Bello. Pinot Noir is the star of this wine list, followed by Gewürztraminer and Pinot Gris in all of its many glorious manifestations. Rick said, “with our Upper Bench, and Howling Rooster vineyard full of excellent Pinot Gris vines”, instead of expanding varietals they thought, “What can we create with the Pinot Gris?” And from that vision came a brand new Brut Sauvage Sparkling wine (being released this spring) and the wine world’s newest love: an orange wine, theirs has been christened “Rhymes with Orange”. They have also crafted a superb single varietal fortified wine called “AFT” made from Syrah.

The tasting room opens May 19th. Go, enjoy, and wait for future news of a glorious expansion.

Pictured:  Rick Thrussell, Toby Lodge (center), and Keenan Thrussell.


~ Jennifer Schell