“For those who doubt the influence of moon, music, and eco-friendly farming practices the proof of quality is clear in the tasting.”

If a wine is the expression of the terroir, then what goes in, on and around the terroir is of the utmost importance. Some of the most significant high-end wine producers today have converted to biodynamic practices, and the secret to the success of wines lies in the soil.


This summer, all wine lovers looking for a wine of superior purity and quality should take a trip down to Lunessence, where this little-known winery produces truly delicious wines.
Nestled between two wetlands and resting under the gaze of Giant’s head, the terroir at Lunessence brings some unique influences to the wine. The wines of Lunessence embody the purity of clean air, water and soil, and in addition to the natural elements classical music is piped through the vineyard where the vines grow to the harmonious notes of Rossini, Verdi and Mozart, and in the winery the good vibrations of Mascagni and Puccini accompany the bottling process.
For those who doubt the influence of moon, music, and eco-friendly farming practices the proof of quality is clear in the tasting.
Wines at Lunessence have been flying off the shelf. Experienced oenophiles know a good wine when they taste it, and although Lunessence has only recently opened the doors their reputation is already growing fast.
Winemaker Michal Mosny brings a background and education in winemaking from Europe. While Michal brings a passion and creativity to winemaking, wife and partner Martina, brings equal amounts of passion to the vineyard where she integrates biodynamic practices to nourish the soil and maintain the natural balance of the landscape.
Lunessence works symbiotically with nature; the wetlands provide a natural irrigation system of clean, filtered water for the vines while integrated farming practices ensure no poisonous herbicides or pesticides disrupt the delicate ecosystem of the wetlands.
It is perhaps the intense dedication to quality that maintains the purity of the wines, and in addition to quality wines, visitors will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the winery, and wonderful views of the surrounding landscape from the patio while classical music plays throughout the vineyard and winery offering a welcome reprieve from the noise of today’s hurried lifestyle.
Visitors should not miss tasting the wines from 2015 including the Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat and Pinot Blanc Oranienstainer, and from 2014, the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon will be ready for release.
The very limited, and very popular small lots, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc 2014 have been partly aged in Slovakian barrels, their unique character is instantly recognized by experienced wine lovers, but hurry down to the tasting room because, thanks to the premium quality, there are only a couple of cases left.
Later this season, Lunessence is extending the golden label of their premium white wines to include a Riesling Reserve, a Chardonnay Reserve, and Sauvignon Blanc – all partly or fully aged in Slovakian barrels and all carrying the hallmark of Lunessence simple sophistication and subtle notes.
Oenophiles will not be disappointed at the quality of Lunessence wines, as a new artisanal winery they are already winning an impressive array of awards including Bronze and Silver from the Decanter World Wine Awards and the International Wine Challenge in London.
The challenge for wine lovers will be to get their hands on a bottle!
This summer, Lunessence will be holding picnics on the patio where visitors can enjoy an afternoon of classical music, European salami, cheese, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, paired with a glass of wine and local organic bread or baguette.
To learn more about the range of wines and their integrated farming practices visit lunessencewinery.com.

2014 Sauvignon Blanc $28.00
Partly wild fermentation in stainless steel, 30% of the wine was aged in Slovakian Oak for 5 months.
Bouquet: spicy and intensive aroma of black currant, mint, apricots, and lemongrass.
Palate: mineral and tropical fruit flavours well balanced with oak tannins.
~ Henrietta Poirier