It is pretty widely agreed that 2014 was a very good vintage in BC “2015, as far as vintage character, is even better,” says Walter Gehringer. “It’s even fuller compared to 2014. We’ve traded a bit of volume for complexity.” So while ther e may be slightly less wine to go around, the taste of the wines so far has proven that the flavours and aromas of the 2015’s are more intense than previous vintages.

One of the best examples of this intensity is Gehringer Brothers’ Unoaked Chardonnay. It was fermented in stainless steel, and allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation. Then, to increase the complexity and structure, a portion was given extended contact with the lees (sur lie). The result is a wine that shows beautiful acidity, lovely fruit aromas, and supple texture. A luscious example of South Okanagan terroir.

It is not only the whites that are shining in 2015. The reds are showing similarly intense profiles as well. “It’s across the board,” says Walter. “The intensity comes out beautifully in the reds as well.” The 2015 Private Reserve Pinot Noir, which was released in mid-May, exhibits similar higher intensity and concentration when compared with the 2014. Walter says that the Merlot and Cabernet Merlot are also showing the same increase.

With all that extra sunshine, the winery will soon be fitted with solar panels as well, to environmentally supplement its electricity. Once installed, Walter estimates that 65-70% of the winery’s electrical needs will be supplied by solar energy.

2015 Unoaked Dry Rock

Chardonnay – $13.29

Aromas of lemon squares, cantaloupe melons, flowers, and fresh baked bread. The palate is soft and round with sweet lemons, melons, pears, and ripe apples.

(pictured: proprietor/winemaker Walter Gehringer)

~ Luke Whittall