Sigh. Poor Wednesday. Hump day. Almost everyone looks past Wednesday. But not the convivial folks at Naramata’s Winery. Hurrah! They’ve given us a reason to look forward to it!
Hillside’s excellent solution to the midweek “meh”s are their Winemaker Wednesdays (July/August). These are intimate and in-depth tastings led by gifted winemaker Kathy Malone, focusing on a different topic each week. Try a vertical tasting of the award-winning red blend, Mosaic. Learn how different terroirs can influence the wine with a single-lot comparison flight. Other sessions offer barrel tastings and food and wine pairings. Spending an afternoon with such an industry talent is sure to turn Wednesday into the highlight of your week! (Reservations recommended.)
If Wednesdays aren’t your thing, consider booking a private tasting. New to Hillside, these offer wine lovers a behind-the-scenes experience. In a guided tête-ê-tête with a Hillside wine specialist, you can enjoy new releases, choice Reserve wines, and a rare opportunity to sample straight from the barrel. As a unique enticement this year, one of these wines (the exquisite 2015 Pinot Noir) will be the highlight of July’s Back Label Writing contest. Let your creative juices flow (like wine…), and enter this fun competition! The best wordsmith’s work will be included on the bottles for this vintage. There’s no question that this Pinot is mouth-watering, but just how juicy is your pen?
On top of these events, Hillside has plenty to recommend it every day. The quaint wine shop is always ready to welcome you with a glass of deliciousness. The inspired Bistro menu makes every meal feel like a holiday.
The summer months are leisurely in the Okanagan. Rest easily, as Hillside Winery and Bistro has something to give all week long. for more event and wines, winery and bistro information!

Pictured: Winemaker Kathy Malone
~ Abbey Westbury