There is romance surrounding this winery. From the people, to the vineyards to the wine, all parts play into a wonderful story of building the dream.

Charlie Baessler and Jesce (Walker) Baessler were both initiated early into the wine industry by their families. Although Jesce’s life began far away in Nunavut where she grew up and Charlie’s far away in Switzerland, destiny brought them together in the Similkameen where they would meet and fall in love.

Fast forward just a few years and the two are co-owners of the stunning former Herder estate in Keremeos and parents to a perfect set of twin baby girls. Charlie actually worked on these vineyards years ago with the Herder family and has intimate knowledge of this land and soil.  When the property came up for sale a couple of years ago, it all felt meant to be as Gord and Diane Peters stepped up as partners allowing the Baesslers to acquire this dream property. Jesce describes the estate as iconic, “Tucked up against the mountain, the vineyard has charisma.” And on winemaking, Jesce explains, “Charlie doesn’t make his wine, he grows it.”

The portfolio of 12 wines and 1900 cases this year are a labour of love and passion for Charlie. He is a vigneron, which is the French term for a winemaker who also grows the vineyard, and is one who is dedicated to his vines. There is a magnificent plan for a wine cave to be built with a new tasting room above late this year – more to follow. Their vision is to raise their family in their beloved, majestic valley and make small lot premium wines made with Similkameen grapes only –and they are well on their way.

pictured: Jesce & Charlie with their sweet twin baby girls.


~ Jennifer Schell