At the very core of viticulture is an attention to growing region. Distinctive variations in soil and climate create identifiable trademarks to wines born of these areas. But when it comes to distinctive growing regions, few wineries in the Okanagan stand out quite like Kraze Legz at SKAHA Vineyard.

Nestled on the slopes overlooking Skaha Lake in the village of Kaleden, this boutique winery is able to boast a distinctive growing region set apart from the rest of BC, distinguishable by a unique substrate of fossilized sandstone that occurs in this small portion of Kaleden. This marks the estate grown wines with a light minerality that only becomes more refined with every vintage as the roots of the vines grow deeper into this enviable soil.

Blessed with this kind of a distinction, Kraze Legz has sought to make their wines a celebration of their unique microclimate. Their small operation allows them to ensure that all of the grapes are handpicked and estate grown, allowing their wines to show this distinctive flavour. They have even begun fermenting with wild yeast, indigenous to the site, ensuring that nothing detracts from the expression of SKAHA Vineyard. To this end this fun, 1920s themed winery runs a second label under the name of “SKAHA Vineyard” – giving a subtle nod to the region that distinguishes this winery.

2015 Kraze Legz Pinot Blanc – $18.85

Cultivated in the unique microclimate beneath Lookout Mountain and hand harvested, this distinctive Okanagan gem is rich in notes of apple and pear with just a hint of citrus on the finish. All of which is enveloped in a mineral-rich body that is the telltale trademark of Kraze Legz wine.

~ Blake Allen