Red Rooster winery is like a great piece of art, at every turn one is surprised and delighted. To celebrate their success, they’ve created new labels to showcase their distinguished wines. The new look features handsome illustrations of heritage roosters and different coloured caps for the classic and reserve vintages.

The winery’s location is stunning, situated on the Naramata hills, the views from the Pecking Room Patio, which is open until the end of the Fall Festival, are the best I’ve seen. Natural beauty isn’t the only feature of this location; the garden is filled with whimsical sculptures by metal artist Lawrence Cormier.
But the true showstopper is Red Rooster’s wine. Over the years, the vineyard has acquired a long list of impressive awards including seven Lieutenant Governor’s Awards. Red Rooster’s wines are very affordable. The 2015 Riesling, which won Gold at the L.A. Wine Competition, is only $14.75 a bottle. Fresh and vibrant, it’s has a gorgeous lemony finish. I’m not generally a Riesling fan but I was smitten. Then there’s the 2013 Reserve Syrah, it won a Silver at The Okanagan Wine Festival. It’s plummy, with a playful peppery finish. According to Burke Ganton, a winery supervisor, who has done extensive experimentation, it just loves chocolate.  Another of my favourites was the 2014 Pinot Noir, this won the Silver at The Wine Align Competition. It’s a great sipper—perfect for enjoying with a good book. The Lieutenant Governor’s Award winner, the 2012 Merlot is ideal for pairing with all those autumn comfort foods—great with either meatloaf or prime rib.
“Wine” says Ganton as we finish up the tasting,  “teaches us to slow down, enjoy food and company and the adventure of living.” This wine lover couldn’t agree more and so will you, once you’ve tasted Red Rooster’s wine.

~ Lesley Buxton