The words, ‘artisan honey winery’, conjure images of sunny afternoons in an idyllic pastoral fields sipping wine. Meadow Vista Honey Winery provides just such a setting, an ideal site for weddings and events. Why not stop for lunch at the bistro, and rest on the shady patio after a honey wine tasting.
Meadow Vista’s award-winning honey wines are a delight on the palate. Those who are familiar with the deliciously delicate taste of Bliss, Meadow Vista’s sparkling cherry honey wine, will be equally delighted with Meadow Vista’s a new flavor in Bliss and fresh twist on sparkling apple cyser (cyser is apple cider mead!). Traditional apple cider ferments the apples to produce alcohol, losing the fresh apple flavor; in Bliss the honey is fermented to provide the alcohol, while the taste is 100% pure, fresh and crisp organic apples.
Sparkling and so refreshing, Bliss is the perfect drink for hot sunny afternoons, lunches, or as a sparkly pick-me up at any time of the day.
Judie Barta’s new partner, Emily Vanderschee brings extra bubbles to Meadow Vista. As event planner for the Cove, Summerhill Pyramid Winery and Lake Okanagan Resort, Emily brings a wealth of experience in wedding and event planning to this charming location.
Beyond bliss, joy, and weddings, Meadow Vista hosts funky and fun events throughout the summer with traveling vintage boutiques, artisans, and local fare.  And with plans to host a Friday night artisan market next summer, Meadow Vista is destined to be a popular location.
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Pictured: Judie Barta & Emily Vanderschee
~ Henrietta Poirier