A vineyard well tended is the foundation of a wine well noted.
With this adage in mind, it is no surprise that the wines at Kalala have won a slew of well-deserved awards throughout the years. And winemaker Tibor Erdelyi is the first to give credit to the skills of owner and viticulturist, Karnail Singh Sidhu.
With over 20 years in organic agriculture, Karnail’s reputation as an expert in organic viticulture has reached far beyond the Okanagan Valley. And it’s easy to see why; the vineyards are a thriving, vibrant ecosystem, with each element working harmoniously with the other.
It is Karnail’s dedication in the vineyard that provides Kalala with grapes of the best possible quality. In this certified organic vineyard the vines are carefully nurtured to embolden the unique flavors of the interesting European varietals.  The primary aromas of grape and terroir are not compromised by chemical residue. This allows the purity of flavors to shine through the wine as the fruity notes rise to perfection on the palate.
This year the weather provided the perfect temperatures to ensure a harvest of well-balanced grapes
While Karnail brings the grape to fruition, Tibor takes it onto fermentation, where he follows the same winning philosophy of harmony, balance and care. It is a labor of love that reaches from soil to grape, to wine, to you.
Wine tasters who are interested in an authentic winery experience should not miss the chance to stop by the Kalala winery. The intimate and relaxed tasting room provides a warm welcome, and Tibor or Karnail are often on hand to discuss the wines in detail.
Visit Kalala.ca to learn more about the fine selection of wines.
~ Henrietta Poirier