Oliver Twist is firing on all cylinders this year and winemakers Gina Harfman and Denice Hagerman are clearly looking forward to this year’s harvest. Gina missed out on the crush last year when baby Vida was born and is excited about the way that this vintage has been progressing. The cooler weather in late June and July has brought the growing season that started with an early spring back to normal. This could translate into a longer season which could lead to more complex flavours in the wines. Clearly it will not be a vintage that she will want to miss.
The only way that she’ll be nostalgic about the previous vintages is with the very popular Nostalgia series. Gina is teasing about possibly another Nostalgia series wine coming soon this year. Along with the sold out Rockabilly Red, Boogie Woogie White and Pink Cadillac Rosé, each Nostalgia Series wine features the cool hot rod, pin-up era paintings by California artist Ralph Burch.
Oliver Twist is not only looking back, they are looking forward as well by experimenting with new grape varieties and blends. These special wines are released only to members of the Twist Club, who also receive special discounts on wine, and other perks for being a member. For an innovative winery like Oliver Twist (one of the first wineries in BC to bottle their entire lineup with only screw caps), it is truly an exciting club to take part in. olivertwistwinery.com
~ Luke Whittall