When Michal Mosny and wife Martina opened Lunessence, just last year, they brought a unique touch to both the land and the art of wine making. The philosophy in the vineyard is one of melody and grace; here, it is the wellbeing of the whole environment that is maintained.


Visitors may be pleasantly surprised by the classical music that is piped throughout the vineyard and the winery, filling the air with euphonious notes, and perhaps adding to the wine a quality of harmony.
Lunessence marries tradition with exploration, European sophistication with new world progression, and in between the extremes perfectly balanced wines are made.
While Michal is the maestro in the wine cellar, Martina focuses on nurturing the land. Biodynamic practices are integrated into the vineyard where the focus is firmly set working with the environment.
As Martina so eloquently states: “The more we are listening and respecting the vineyard, nature is giving it back to us a thousand times.”
Indeed the land is thriving, situated on two wetlands and under the gaze of Giant’s Head Hill; this peaceful winery resonates with harmonious notes.
Martina’s stewardship in the vineyard ensures delivery of quality grape, richly imbued with the unique qualities of Okanagan terroir. In the winery, the primary aromas of land and grape are gently held, while Michal brings the secondary aromas to the fore. Using skills he developed as his time as a winemaker in Europe, Michal brings a traditional European twist to these new world wines. Trained in the old ways, he knows that wines made traditionally embrace their natural varietal character; they tend to be fruitier with gentle tones. The texture of the wine responds well to the traditional methods. They contain more of the essence of the vineyard, and the subtleties of the grape.
Aging takes place in a variety of French, American, Hungarian and Slovakian barrels, where Michal hands the winemaking process over to time and maturation, and perhaps a little Mozart.
In addition to their knowledge, experience and creative expertise, Michal is certain the music adds a little magic to the wine, as he states, “The effect of music in the vineyard and traditional winemaking makes me very happy. It is enriching the wines with extra depth and flavour.”
The structure, bouquet, and deep complexity, of Lunessence wines are making waves in the world. The Riesling icewine won the Lieutenant Governor Award for Excellence in BC wine this year, and indeed it is so smooth, silky, and so clean, it’s almost as if a little moonlight has been caught in these bottles. This wine, is particularly special as it comes from the first harvest of the estate vineyard, each vine tended with extra love and care by Martina, and made with extremely traditional methods.
This year they have released two reds, the Merlot 2014 and Cabernet Sauvignon 2014, in addition to the white blends Sauvignon Blanc Muscat 2015, Pinot Blanc Oraniensteiner 2015 and Rosé 2015, as well as a classic duo blend of Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. They are also preparing to release their reserve white wines, small lots and premium wines, and single varietals, Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2015, Chardonnay Reserve 2015 and Riesling Reserve 2015. All single vineyard wines with a unique character.
This summer why not drop by Summerland and enjoy a picnic on the patio.  European salami, cheese, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, and local organic bread or baguette is the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine, and the perfect way to spend the afternoon.
Relax on the patio, enjoy the view, the picnic, the wine, and the symphonies of nature, but whatever the music of the day, you will be delighted to taste Lunessence wines. They seem to have captured some enchantingly, delicious elements of nature and grace in the bottle.
Interest in Lunessence wines is growing fast and as such they now have a private wine club lounge at the winery where they will be releasing selected wines only for members and served only in the wine club lounge.
Visit Lunessencewinery.com to learn more about this unique boutique winery, and why not sign-up for their newsletter to stay informed and invited to exclusive Lunessence events.

~ Henrietta Poirier