The View Winery in southeast Kelowna has been home to Wards Apple Cider since 2012 and is perennial favorite for locals and visitors, offering award-winning wines, Bling and Wards Apple Ciders.
The Turton family has been growing apples on their property for five generations, since Great Grandfather Ward planted the orchards back in 1918. Originally built in 1922, the building in which they craft and cellar the ciders was home of Wards Apple Packinghouse and is now the last of its era in the Okanagan.
Wards Apple Ciders are made with a blend of cider specific apples, making each cider as unique as the apples that are used in its creation.

Wards Picker’s Hut Winter Spice Cider
A uniquely delicious cider and a Sliver award winner at the Pacific Northwest Cider Awards. It can be served warmed by the fire or chilled on the patio, and features bright apple aromas with a blend of soul-warming spice and a crisp citrus finish.  It is, as they say at The View, ‘like a hug from Santa in a glass!’

Wards Ginger Apple Cider
The latest offering, this cider is a tantalizing blend of apple and all natural ginger. Lively and crisp, it has a touch of spice on the finish for a perfect balance. Try it with Asian cuisine and seafood.

Wards Picker’s Hut Premium Cider
Robust and full of character, this cider was fermented using a champagne yeast, resulting in a crisp, clean, medium dry finish.

Wards Festive Apple Cider
A runner-up in the Peoples’ Choice Awards at the Pacific Northwest Cider Awards, is a delicate rosé apple cider. A blend of Montmorency cherries and apples, it tempts the palate with soft cherry notes.

Pictured: Jennifer Molgat with cidermaster, Mike Anderson


~ Deanna Rainey