Located in the heart of the Westside Wine Trail, an area known as the home of some of the oldest and most reputable wineries in the region, Volcanic Hills Estate Winery is well-known for its award-winning wines and winemaking philosophy of minimal interference. It’s also recognized for building strong connection with its customers. This family-run estate prides itself on being accessible to all: it’s wheelchair friendly, and welcomes children. “We have toys for both kids and adults,” says president, Bobby Gidda.
The winery places a great deal of value on educating their customers in a relaxed and engaging manner. They offer tours by appointment and spring is the perfect time, according to Bobby, for a real “one-on-one” personal experience before the summer rush. This is a great opportunity for wine lovers to spend time with the experts. It’s also a chance to learn about the winery’s latest endeavors such as their new Sparkling Gewürztraminer. Produced in a small batch of about 100 cases, this wine is due for release in late June or July. Though it has yet to be named, it’s already causing a lot of excitement.
The estate boasts a 4,000-square-foot wine shop designed especially to set customers at ease. Here customers can learn all about the advantages of belonging to the winery’s exceptional wine club: Priority access to new releases, members only exclusive access to small lot and library wines, free shipping on 12  bottle shipments, special invitations to social and educational events at the winery, and discounts on all new release wines. The winery also boasts a spacious bar, ideal for sampling award winning favorites, such as their Pinot Gris, Rosé, Gewürztraminer, Gamay Noir, Magma Red or Lava blends.

~ Lesley Buxton