Hallelujah spring has sprung! Western Canada certainly received a whooping this winter, with record snow falls and endless cold and grey days, we could not be happier to receive the sunshine and promise of greener days ahead. If those sub-zero conditions had you worried for the safety of our vines, you can be rest assured that all reports are showing no damage. Those hardworking vineyards probably enjoyed their hibernation break under the snow.
Now is the time to start planning all of your wine country adventures for the next three green seasons ahead. Start making a list, because there is so much to do this year! Besides all of the wonderful festivals and dinner events planned throughout the Thompson-Okanagan, there are tours that you simply must do. Plan a trip north of Kelowna to visit Vernon’s wonderful array of food and drink destinations. Don’t stop there though –continue up to Shuswap wine country to visit the fantastic wineries offering unique varietals conducive to their higher elevation growing regions.
As you travel around eating, drinking and meeting all of the wonderful people in our food, drink and farm community, pleasure remember to shop local and eat local. Help our hard working industry continue to thrive by buying direct from them or from a local business that supports them. Cheers to another fabulous year in wine country!