Take it from a local, the best places in the Okanagan are often found just around the corner and off the main road, and Nighthawk Vineyards is no exception to that rule of thumb.

Located in the sleepy village of Okanagan Falls, this quaint boutique winery is only ten minutes up the mountain, with a stunning view of the emerald waters of Green Lake.
As one would expect this rugged location to entail, the winery beautifully melds into its surrounding scenery. With vineyards lined by thick ponderosa forests and picnic grounds which offer panoramic views of the surrounding mountain valley. A weary traveller can unwind in this natural serenity with a bottle of fine wine and a charcuterie board of local cheeses, jellies, and locally sourced preserves.
Nighthawk Vineyards opens its doors for the season this Easter weekend and while the winery itself is young, its reputation has already far exceeded its age. The family run and harvested vineyard produces an array of high quality single varietals from small lots. And just last year, the Bibby family’s hard work was well rewarded when their Chardonnay won a Bronze at the Best of British Columbia awards, and their Syrah received both a Bronze at the Pacific Northwest Wine Festival in Oregon and Gold at the prestigious Best of Varietal Awards at the Okanagan Spring Wine Festival.
And as the evening light fills the valley and you make your way home, remember to look up for a glimpse of the winery’s namesake birds descending from the mountains into the vineyard. The nighthawks will spend the evenings as guardians of the vineyard, and play their small part in ensuring high quality growing conditions…and some of the valley’s finest wines. The locals here know just where to find the Okanagan’s best places.


~ Blake Allen