This year, Culmina Estate Winery will be releasing their highly anticipated 2013 vintage of Hypothesis, their flagship Bordeaux style blend. The 2013 vintage will be their third release of this superbly crafted wine from the Golden Mile Bench south of Oliver. In keeping with owners Don and Elaine Triggs’ philosophy on quality, this vintage has been held back until it is ready. “We’re feeling like it’s getting really close,” explains daughter Sara Triggs. “We wanted to hold it back until we’re sure it’s ready.” The consensus between everyone at the Culmina is that it will be ready by the fall.
Hypothesis is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc, with the components of the 2013 vintage differing slightly from the previous vintages. Whereas the 2012 vintage leaned heavily on Merlot, and the 2011 on Cabernet Franc, the 2013 features nearly equal amounts of each grape variety in the blend. The fairer weather for the 2013 vintage (compared to the 2012 vintage) means that the wine will have “even more generosity in terms of ripeness,” according to Sara. Moreover, because of the age of the vines and similar winemaking, people can expect even more quality with the new release. On this, the critics are nearly unanimous in agreement Wine Align critics: Michael Godel, has already awarded it 93 points, David Lawrason 92 points, and John Szabo 91 points.
Though it will not be released publicly until the fall, Hypothesis 2013 is being made available in March through an innovative En Primeur program. Culmina will be selling full cases of 2013 Hypothesis at an introductory case price of $39 per bottle (in contrast to the fall release price of $46). The introductory pricing will be valid for only a short period of time in March, and will only apply to full case purchases. All wines purchased in the program will then be delivered in the fall to coincide with the wine’s official release.
On Saturday, April 22nd Culmina will also be hosting a special event called “Decora: An Exploration in Riesling”,

featuring four vintages of Decora. Sourced from Culmina’s high-altitude vineyard called Margaret’s Bench, the master class will explore Culmina’s cool climate Riesling expression and will be followed by a canapé reception showcasing Culmina’s other new spring releases. Tickets are $50 and available at

(pictured: (l-r) The Triggs family: Sarah, Elaine and Don)
~ Luke Whittall