Gehringer Brothers’ wines have a long track record of winning top awards, which are all proudly displayed in the bright wine shop. They are also the reigning “King of the Platinum” at Wine Press Northwest, where the total number of platinum awards (64) is nearly double that of the next winner. The awards that they received from the recent Cascadia Wine Competition are the first to indicate that the special location of their vineyard merits some special attention. Wines made from grapes grown exclusively on the Golden Mile Bench won three of their four double gold awards.
According to Walter Gehringer, the research that was conducted by PARC (Pacific Agricultural Research Centre) using Merlot from various regions showed that wine made from grapes grown on the Golden Mile Bench was distinctly identifiable. In this competition, Gehringer’s 2016 Auxerrois, 2016 Gewürztraminer-Schönburger, and 2016 Rosé Cabernet Franc are all labeled with the new Golden Mile Bench VQA designation and each of these wines won a double gold medal. It is a promising start to the medal tally for Gehringer and also for the Golden Mile Bench. Along with Gehringer’s Chardonnay (which took a bronze), five other wines from other wineries on the Golden Mile Bench received awards at the same competition.
The newest wine for Gehringer Brothers is the Rosé Cabernet Franc. Sporting a new splash of colour across the label, this Rosé is a crisp and refreshingly dry wine with an unexpected complexity on the palate. With aromas and flavours of cherries, crushed velvet, and rhubarb, this wine will hold your attention for a long time as you relax in the spring and summer sun. 

~ Luke Whittall