Clos du Soleil winery located on Upper Bench Road, just minutes away from Keremeos, has a reputation for making outstanding single vineyard Bordeaux-style wines that combine the very best of old-world elegance and new-world edge. Their secret? Their unique farming philosophy. This boutique winery features a certified organic vineyard managed using the principals of biodynamics. Biodynamic viticulture is an energetic form of land management that embraces the concept of harmony and encourages a balanced relationship with every creature that inhabits the farm’s ecosystem, including the vineyard workers. This ethical approach is not only wonderful for the environment but it ensures that the soil on this vineyard is teeming with life. And at Clos du Soleil, they understand this is the key to making extraordinary wines.
A visit here is an immersive experience. Guests are free to explore, wander the vineyards, chat, and ask the staff about the vineyard’s innovative practices. Everyone here is always eager to share their expertise. There’s no need to rush. Have a picnic on the lawn. There’s plenty of shade. The winery provides pre-packed, locally produced lunches that are just perfect with a glass of wine. Relax and soak up the ambience, let the kids roam. There’s no need to worry. One of the fabulous benefits of this holistic style of farming is that there are no restricted areas.
The immersion experience continues inside the tasting room as well. Here guests can hang out with tasting room manager, Amanda Elyzen, who provides a wealth of information. Enjoy a tasting while learning how handcrafted artisanal wines are made. Afterwards take a trip into the barrel room. Guests are encouraged to view the cellar work in progress (and tours may be booked in advance). This is the kind of place that encourages curiosity. Winemaker Michael Clark makes himself available to talk about his craft. After all, they understand that great wine is much more than just fermented juice; it’s about attention to detail, process, and a respect for the land. And at Clos du Soleil this philosophy is evident in every sip of their sophisticated and delicious wine.
~ Lesley Buxton