Sparkling wines usually signify a celebration. After all, what’s a birthday, graduation or anniversary without bubbles? So, it’s no wonder the folks at Volcanic Hills Estate Winery are very excited about adding their new Sparkling Gewürztraminer to their already impressive wine library. This award-winning winery prides itself on creating fantastic one-of-a-kind experiences for their clients so it makes sense that their latest release is all about rejoicing.
Sparkling Gewürztraminer are considered rare outside of Germany. This one is no exception. Only 250 cases were made so this is an exclusive commodity. Consequently, it will only be available at the winery’s wine shop and restaurant. The release date is set for mid-June so if you’re eager for an opportunity to learn why the Gewürztraminer variety makes such fabulous sparkling wine you won’t want to hesitate. To demonstrate the rarity of this release, the winery is making a subtle change to this wine’s label. Instead of the usual silver leaf, the Sparkling Gewürztraminer will have an elegant gold leaf label. A subtle reminder of its limited availability.
Though this variety may typically be considered very German, this release is completely local. The grapes used in its creation were all grown at Volcanic Hills’ self-rooted vineyards established by the proprietor’s father, in the heart of West Kelowna.
Pairing this wine is exciting, its aromatic tones can be used to enhance exotic spices, accompany subtle cheeses and enhance richly flavoured meats. The sky’s the limit with this wine, add an air of celebration to your day by simply opening up a bottle and enjoying it on its own. If you’re the kind of person who loves to experiment and find your own pairings, you’ll enjoy the many possibilities the winery’s shop has on offer. Try a bottle with one of their local chutneys.
Food isn’t the only thing on offer. The shop has an eclectic mix of treasures including Indian decorations, dishware, clothes and picnic baskets. There’s something for everyone. It’s completely wheelchair accessible. So, visit this spectacular winery soon and celebrate the joys of living with a marvellous glass of their wine.
~ Lesley Buxton