(Pictured: Winemaker Tibor Erdelyi)

Since the first bottling in 2008, Kalala has consistently delivered award-winning wines. One quick look around the tasting room reveals row upon row of awards; year after year, from the U.S. Europe, and Canada, this elegant but modest winery has been quietly gaining recognition.
In the last few years, it has been the dedication and talent of winemaker Tibor Erdelyi that have brought Kalala global renown. Last year, Kalala won the Chardonnay du Monde, but despite the accolades from prestigious organizations, for winemaker Tibby there is no better compliment than an empty wine shelf.
With no need of fanfare, grandstanding, or marketing gimmicks, the Kalala label represents working in harmony and balance with nature.
The philosophy behind the success of Kalala is simple, and Tibby is quick to defer the winning quality of the wines to Karnail Sidhu, owner and viticulturist. By focusing on organic viticulture practices, Karnail ensures the soil that supports the vines is rich with the nutrients that bring each aromatic variety to its full potential.
This year, wine lovers should visit Kalala early in July, if they want to get their hands on the much anticipated Frizzante 150 (working title). This sparkling rosé blend of Chardonnay, Blaufränkisch and Gewürztraminer has been created in honor of Canada’s 150 year anniversary and is a perfect addition to summer celebrations.
A trip to Kalala’s tasting room is a certain pleasure. Not only will the wines delight – the subtle flavours of each varietal are distinct, and the blends are masterfully mixed and creatively inspired – but the atmosphere is truly welcoming.
If you can’t make it to the winery, don’t worry, you can have wine delivered to your door through the wine club at www.kalala.ca.