The cycles of the moon are an important feature in every Farmer’s Almanac; the celestial influence that rules the tides of every sea and ocean are also considered an important element in agricultural management throughout the seasons. And so it is at Lunessence, where sustainable and environmentally sensitive viticultural practices work with the seasons of nature and cycles of the moon.
Winemaker Michal Mosny and viticulturist Martina Mosny are responsible for the recent accolades and interest in Lunessence wines. Martina works with the vineyard as a living and varied ecosystem. By integrating biodynamic practices in the vineyard, she focuses on enriching the soil to maintain the optimal health of vines, which, ultimately, intensifies the unique flavours of each varietal.
Michal takes the grape to the next level. With a heritage in winemaking from France and Slovakia, Michal brings a European sensibility to winemaking. He integrates traditional practices with a creative twist and works with the singular qualities of each varietal to compose a masterfully-crafted wine.
This year, oenophiles will be delighted with the new releases from Lunessence. Michal and Martina have been working intensely on their first signature red blend. With careful consideration of each varietal and how the distinct qualities complement each other, the first ideal blend of a 2015 vintage will be released this summer, and it is aptly named – Crescendo.
Crescendo is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Malbec. A veritable symphony of notes that culminate in a climax of flavours on the palate.
Each year, the Lunessence signature red blend will be slightly different. The ever-changing influences of the environment affect each row in the vineyard and produce subtle differences in the grape. And just as each musician adds their own twist to a composition, so nature provides a spectrum of notes and tones in each vine for the winemaker to play with.
At Lunessence, the blends are selected in the vineyard before they arrive at the winery for the crush. This ensures that the blend is composed from the unadulterated core qualities of each varietal. It is this attention to perfection, in both the care of the vineyard and the winemaking process, that produces superior quality wines.
An equally exciting release this year is the New Winemaker’s CUT label. These 100% natural wines include a 2016 Sauvignon Blanc and a 2015 Syrah.
All Lunessence reds are unfined and unfiltered to ensure a fresher, purer flavor from the grapes. This also allows the natural sediment to nourish the wine and age gracefully in the cellar. All new releases are available in the tasting room including, Sauv Blanc Muscat 2016, Pinot Blanc Oraniensteiner 2016, and Blanc de Noirs 2016.
Visitors may be surprised at the sound of classical music that reverberates throughout the vineyard and winery, uplifting, inspiring, and energizing. But this is all part of the Lunessence philosophy to help steward the land by all means possible: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And indeed, if music feeds the soul, and the soil is the soul of this earth, then surely, the music of Paganini, Puccini, and Bach must affect each vine with good vibrations.
It certainly tastes that way. If the essence of music and moon can be bottled, then it is in the wines of Lunessence.
But why not taste the wines yourself?
The patio at the winery offers an inviting space where you can relax, and enjoy the wine while watching the sun set over the lake. The perfect way to end your wine tasting tour and pick up a couple of bottles for the weekend – or for the wine cellar.
“The more we are listening and respecting the vineyard, nature is giving it back to us a thousand times.”