Mt. Boucherie Winery in West Kelowna has an extensive history of grape growing in the region that reaches back for decades. Now, discerning wine drinkers can enjoy their delectable wines during a visit and tasting at their charming wine shop. In the future though, Mt. Boucherie promises even greater things to come, including an expanded wine shop and an on-site restaurant.
Mt. Boucherie’s vice president and CEO Craig McCulloch says they are currently in the preliminary drawing stage of the planned expansion.
“Our wine shop is quaint and cozy, but we have outgrown it.  We hope to start this fall, working on a whole new facility. This will include a much larger retail wine shop and refit of our patio, along with a restaurant.”
For now though, Mt. Boucherie is concentrating on creating great wines, something which they are very good at. Craig says there are several wines that shine the brightest in terms of popularity.
“We’ve had overwhelming success with the 2016 Gamay, which was just recently released. It seems to appeal to new and experienced red wine drinkers…it gets everyone excited. It is our first Gamay in a few years, and people have been waiting for it. It’s been described as floral, fruity and youthful, which I think is a good description,” he says.
“The 2015 Pinot Gris is also a great summer wine,” says Craig. This vintage is reminiscent of ripe Bosc pear and melon, with a satisfying silky honey finish.
The ‘Special Summer Sipper’ title goes to the Semillon, according to Craig, who says it is especially popular with younger wine drinkers. He also recommends the Merlot Icewine, which retails at $88, for a special treat.
The future may be ripe with promise, but now is also a great time to spend a summer afternoon at Mt. Boucherie winery.  You’ll love the sensational wine and breathtaking scenery!