Wedding planners have discovered a new tool to add to their arsenal of blusher veils, tulle and nosegays. Wine Glass Writer markers, the invention that lets you scribe on glass and glazed ceramics in a trendy colour that wipes clean instantly with a soapy sponge, have a million and one uses to make any wedding bespoke.
The Wall Street Journal Wine Accessories of the Year winning product was invented to help you keep track of your wine glass at a party. Wine Glass Writer’s Renee Stewart of Summerland says, “Keep them at the bar. Guests will enjoy being creative and you won’t have to spend as much on dishware rentals.”
Renee says the Writers are great for DIY customized marquee and signage, from the wedding program, seating chart to the dinner menu. “Get that rustic feel by writing on old windows or mirrors with Wine Glass Writer,” says Renee. After the wedding you can wipe them off and re-use them.”
The markers are great for writing your wedding parties’ names on the plates at the king table, she adds. “As a wedding favour, think about putting a sign on the table displaying glassware that could read, ‘Your glass for the night for whatever feels right. Take your cup when you’re through as our gift to you.’ Fill a decorative container with Wine Glass Writers so guests can claim their special glass to bring home.”
Wine Glass Writer markers can be found at Garden Works, Trellis and Vine Craft House, Legend Distilling, Tea and Weaves and at these wineries: 8th Generation, Summer Gate, Dirty Laundry, CedarCreek, Summerhill, 50th Parallel, Little Engine, St Hubertus, Intrigue, Gray Monk, Noble Ridge, Tinhorn Creek Vineyards and Road 13 among other locations.
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