The town of Oliver’s Black Sage Bench, for which Desert Hills Winery takes its name, is an internationally celebrated wine growing region. Famous for its distinctive terroir shaped by the region’s sandy soil, it was here that the Toor brothers: Randy, Jessie, and Dave, first envisioned the winery that would grow to be one of the town’s most well-known and well-loved. With deep roots in both the community and its desert hills, the winery, not unlike the vines, has only continued to grow.
This summer will see Desert Hills open its new picnic and patio area, shaded to provide refuge for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike looking to momentarily escape the Okanagan sun. Surrounded by old-growth vines, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon first planted back in 1997, the patio is an idyllic hidden nook, looking out over both the scenic vineyards which dot the Black Sage Bench and the pristine desert which has created this legendary growing region. The kitchen will open its doors this July but until then one can still sit back with a glass of wine and a self-selected charcuterie board from a wide array of local options including meats, cheeses, and even wild game.
Along with the opening of the new patio will be the return of many of Desert Hills popular events – the Vintage Vertical and Charcuterie Night (July 15th) and the Blues & BBQ Night (August 17th), as well as the return of the Sauvignon Blanc, one of the winery’s most popular varietals from its past, ending its temporary absence. The Okanagan desert is more alive and vibrant than you may realize, and at no other place is that better illustrated than one of these popular events at Desert Hills Winery, but tickets sell out fast so you’ll want to visit the website soon!