At Clos du Soleil Winery, they have a unique tasting room philosophy. Here it’s not just about tasting the wine, it’s about understanding its origins—the intricate journey from the vineyard to the bottle. This is a rare opportunity to learn first-hand from people deeply connected to what they create. It’s like learning from a much-loved musician the inspiration behind your favourite song. They work hard to give visitors an intimate experience, including free tastings of the majority of their portfolio of wines —even award-winning flagship wines like the 2013 vintage of Signature that was recently awarded a gold medal from the 2017 National Wine Awards of Canada, an honour which places the wine next to the most esteemed in the country.
It’s also why occasions like Verticale, the winery’s vertical tasting event which focuses on the history of Clos du Soleil’s premier wines: Capella, Signature and Saturn, are important. This remarkable affair pairs the winery’s flagship wines with a paired luncheon in the vineyard. A very exclusive event, the best chance for getting tickets is to join their wine club. Not yet a club member? There’s still a chance for you to attend: the winery is currently holding a contest for additional tickets for the public. Visit their social media sites for contest details and don’t miss out!
Focusing on the future, the winery recently purchased a new vineyard which they’ve named “Les Collines” a French term meaning “the hills.” The name pays tribute to the winery’s French influence as well as the vineyard’s landscape. In accordance with the winery’s biodynamic practices the vineyard is already certified organic and has the perfect terroir for growing the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes they use to make their Estate Reserve White and Capella. In addition, the acreage will be maintained to preserve the land’s natural wildlife, ensuring its beauty for the future.


pictured: Winemaker Michael Clark on the organic vineyard.