Tucked away in a pocket of lush greenery amongst the arid Oliver landscape, is Hidden Chapel Winery. The winery is named after the quaint white chapel nestled at the back of the property, amidst towering trees and moss carpeting the ground.
Originally owned by an employee with the Summerland Research Centre, winery partner Deborah Wilde was drawn to its’ charming gardens and purchased the property in 2005. Hidden Chapel Winery was up and running by 2011. Business partner and co-winemaker, Rudy Tomazic joined Hidden Chapel in 2014.
“We’re a humble winery, we enjoy sharing our story and our wine,” says Rudy.
All of Hidden Chapel’s wines are named with the chapel in mind, such as ‘Nuns on the Run’, ‘Shotgun Wedding’ or their ‘Blushing Bride’.
The rosé – ‘Blushing Bride’ has been so popular that the duo decided to create a new recipe for a sparkling rosé, naming it ‘Made of Honour’.
“Sparkling wine is getting very popular throughout the Okanagan and I’ve always wanted to make it,” said Deborah. “It’s the drink people want on a hot summer’s day.”
Although Rudy wasn’t initially keen on the idea of doing the frizzanté, he admits Deborah was right and they are confident it will be sold out by the end of August.
Hidden Chapel is one of the few remaining wineries that do not charge a tasting fee. Instead, they ask their guests to donate to the South Okanagan Women in Need Society. For the past two years, they have been the number one business donator for the campaign–Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. Additionally, a portion of their sales from their wine ‘Amazing Grace’ goes to cancer research. Deborah and Rudy have both had personal experiences with cancer. For Hidden Chapel, it’s all about creating a special experience along with quality wine.

Written By Jenna Hickman



Pictured: Deborah Wilde and Rudy Tomazic pride themselves on sharing Hidden Chapel’s story, one glass (or bottle) of wine at a time.