For wineries around the world, a beautiful wine shop with a great view is an essential part of the visitor experience. Stag’s Hollow’s new wine shop will offer a new level of experience for their guests. It has a wraparound deck that offers sweeping views of their unique, steeply sloped vineyard. The view is totally unobstructed and quiet with no roadways visible. There will be traditional tastings at a large granite tasting bar and plans for guided sit-down tastings featuring library and reserve wines. Most importantly for winemaker Dwight Sick, the experience will really connect visitors to the unique vineyard and winery elements that make Stag’s Hollow so special.
September will bring about the release of a new Renaissance Series wine. “This is the first vintage where we have had four Renaissance wines on cue,” says Dwight. Along with the Renaissance Syrah, Merlot, and Pinot Noir, Dwight is re-introducing a wine that has not been a part of the portfolio in a decade.


2015 Renaissance Meritage

A field blend that was determined by Mother Nature, the wine was co-fermented in the same tank with whole-cluster Cabernet Franc on the bottom, followed by de-stemmed, lightly crushed Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon on the top. Matured in barrel for 20 months there are only 105 cases produced and, like all Renaissance wines, were offered through their futures program.